Watercolour is considered by many to be a very demanding artistic medium. There is little or no margin for error when the picture has begun, either there is time for correction. In its purest form a watercolour is an expression of an expert and confident hand capable of controlling washes, shadows and lights with apparent ease. Such control does not come quickly or easily; usually it is the result of many years of careful application and dedication

About glabente

Glabente is medical doctor and discovered his love of painting in adolescence. He started as a self-taught cartoonist and evolved into oil painting and linocuts. These first steps were ephemeral and around 20 years of age and due to different circumstances, he left the practice of painting focusing on his professional activity. Formed as scientific researcher, kept their interest in the artistic expression within his profession. Concentrating his creativity in developing and application of advanced data analysis procedures related to public health in which the images and colour had a great importance. Now, with patience and dedication, he is trying to make up for "lost time". In these pages he shows some of his works.